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To be the voice of excellence in my stewardship as a servant leader in the society, a father in the family, a husband to one wife, a friend to every stakeholder in my circle of influence and finally be the hand of empowerment and a bridge of hope.


To communicate people’s worth and potential clearly to them so that they see it in themselves.

‘Worth’ and the purpose of education – help you discover your voice.

‘Potential’ and the purpose of work/service – using the voice wisely to serve others.

Core Values

  • L- LAW

Your values are the fruit to your root ( who you are-identity) Identity is destiny.

Servant Leader
Using my voice wisely to serve others


We all came to this planet with a unique gift. You can see it as a special glow in the eyes of the new born. It is a curiosity, a desire to learn and an eagerness to give. It is a genius that resides in the heart. The true purpose of education is to marry this genius or gift with the mind so the person will be able to fulfil his or her purpose or destiny on this planet. Once we have identified this gift in ourselves, it will direct us to learn what we must learn. This is a life time process.

The human mind is a miracle of adaptability, when we know how to employ its capacities broadly instead of narrowly. Education is a life time learning process and it doesn’t end when you leave college or high school. Love is to be maintained as the foundation of education. It’s important that we begin to drop the idea that there are stupid or smart people. It is all relative.

It is my belief that the first duty of any society is to teach its people the basic skills necessary to be successful, happy, contributing citizens. My mission is to ensure the adoption of HOLISTIC EDUCATION in our society. This kind of education takes the child as a WHOLE PERSON and finds a way to teach every young person to the best of his or her abilities.

Everyone has a gift, a talent which can be developed if given half a chance and is nurtured along, not just to conform to a grading system, but to the level where that person is able to make a contribution and also gain self esteem through whatever means he or she is capable.

As a servant leader, my task is two fold: first to overcome the wounds that our educational experience has inflicted upon me; and second to do whatever I am capable of doing to change the educational system that will serve the younger generation.

I am passionate at unleashing human potential for greatness and also inspire the workforce of organizations to discover their voice- significance for socio economic impact. I am for each person living up to his/her greatest potential. I am for economic prosperity for more than just a few people. I am for reducing crime and poverty, since they go hand in hand. I am for preserving our planet’s environment. I am for peace!

Be a Coach and Mentor


As a coach, my vision is to discover and expand my view of others, affirm them, believe in them and help them discover and realize the potential within them- help them find their own voice.
As a mentor, I choose to lead by example and give them my success as a model of what I want them to learn.

Sometimes, people believe in potential of others, but not in their worth, so they are not patient, persistent, long-suffering, trust-giving and self- sacrificing. Its just not worth it to them; it becomes a cost- benefit analysis and they perhaps unwittingly conclude that the cost is too great.

Infact, unless people have a sense of their own personal worth, they will not be able to consistently communicate the worth of other people. I choose to see my family through the lens of their potential and best actions, rather tan through the lens of their current behaviour or weakness. My purpose for them is to affirm their fundamental unconditional worth. I will encourage my family to learn about money and also teach them how to work hard to create true wealth rather than just going after a paycheck.

Who we are and what we do educates our children more than mere words will ever do. You can only build as high as the foundation is strong.


Lead and inspire her to greatness


Love is a value that is actualized through loving actions. Love is a verb. The feeling of love is a fruit of love, the verb. It is by our actions that we love and not by our words.

I choose to Love her, Serve her, Sacrifice, Listen to her, Empathize, Appreciate, Affirm her – see her through the lens of her potential and her best actions rather than through the lens of her current behaviour or weakness. I choose to affirm her unconditional worth.

Love, respect and serve every stakeholder in my circle of influence


Values are social norms-they are personal, emotional, subjective and arguable. All of us have values. Even criminals have values. The question I ask myself daily is are my values based upon principles? Principles are natural laws- they are impersonal, factual, objective and self evident. Consequences are governed by principles and behaviour is governed by values, therefore; value principles.

I choose to use education as a tool in expressing my voice for the liberation of the human mind of every stakeholder from the negative assumptions in the areas of leadership, management, business etc. with formidable truths based on principles.


The Challenge
Inspiring others to find their voice.


The leadership challenge.

The vision is to discover and expand our view of others, affirm them, believe in them and help them discover and realize the potential within them- help them find their own voice.

Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.
To communicate the worth and potential of others so clearly, so powerfully, and so consistently that they really come to see it in themselves is to set in motion the process of seeing, doing and becoming. In order to be becoming all that we are created to BE, we need to be seeing and doing, and the result is that we are becoming. This is not leadership as a formal position but leadership as a choice to deal with people in a way that will communicate to them their worth and potential so clearly they will come to see it in themselves.
Regarding our focus on this kind of leadership in the organization, I would like to emphasize these points:

An organization is nothing more or less than a relationship with a purpose (its voice). That purpose is aimed at meeting the needs of one or more persons or stakeholders. The simplest organization would be two people who share a purpose, such as in a simple business partnership or a marriage.
Almost all people belong to an organization of one kind or another. Most of the world’s work is done in and through organizations.

The highest challenge inside organizations, including families, is to set them up and run them in a way that enables each person to inwardly sense his or her innate worth and potential for greatness and to contribute his or her unique talents and passion- in other words, voice- to accomplish the organization’s purpose and highest priorities in a principled – centred way.
An organization is made up of individuals who have a relationship and a shared purpose.



Chukwuemeka Eric is a teacher and strategist who has an entrepreneurial spirit. He is also passionate about tackling social and environmental challenges. An advocate for social entrepreneurship, he helps private individuals and corporate organizations to unleash their potentials and develop strategies that will strengthen them in delivering their voice- significance. He is driven by a mission to communicate people’s worth and potential clearly to them so that they see it in themselves.

Everybody is here for business and is doing business. Everyday is brings with it an opportunity on the choice to live for purpose. Our actions (what we do) is solely inspired by that choice. My mission is to inspire people who choose to live for purpose and also help them root their ideas on formidable business structures for maximum impact.

He holds a professional Bachelor’s degree in electrical/electronics from Enugu State University of Science and Technology. He has been an ardent student in courses of leadership, management and entrepreneurship.

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